As we’re all locked down during the Covid 19 quarantine, business owners who have invested in websites that work for them are doubling down with their eCommerce efforts. Deliveries are still getting through, although there are some delays, and this is a real life-line for small businesses who have otherwise had to shut-up shop.

This week, I’ve been updating a website for SJB Fine Art.

This website was commissioned from Save Time Web Design in 2018 and it really has proved its worth over the last two years.

Based in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, Sarah Jane Brown’s fine-art is in demand around the world, as well as close to home. From her website, she sells original paintings, limited edition prints and print-to-order products that feature her beautiful seascapes. She also uses the website to market her art courses, linking to her YouTube channel where she posts instructional and inspirational, video demonstrations of the techniques and materials she uses.

Sarah’s website is, of course, just one element of her marketing mix – but an important one. Altogether, her integrated website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds have a significant and relevant following and customer-base; Her website provides the destination for valuable traffic coming from this sales and marketing funnel – her social media efforts, t.v., radio, and print interviews and articles, and well-planned online promotional activities as well as off-line events.

We have published her multi-media content and landing pages that are intentionally designed to engage the art-lovers and prospective buyers that visit her website. This excellent eCommerce gateway is what makes it possible to engage with this talented artist and buy her products online.

Why her website is more important than ever.

In contrast, her exhibited works – at galleries in various locations around the UK, Europe, and even as far away as New York – as well as her own new gallery – due to open at larger premises in St. Davids as part of her expansion, are currently closed down due to Covid 19.

An actively managed, well-designed and effective website is a real business asset and must not be overlooked.

Save Time Web Design

Now, possibly more than ever, the real value of investing in an effective website should be obvious to business owners who have previously postponed or side-stepped the need. It could now be making a huge difference in your ability to trade and your livelihood.

Small-business websites from Save Time Web Design are available for a £95 set-up fee and £10 per month.

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Optional: Our ‘Active’ plan – available as a pre-paid specialist support add-on in 4-hour blocks, provides you with dedicated, hands-on website support. Use our service for content creation, copywriting, graphic design and multi-media editing that integrates with your social media and other marketing strategies.

* The optional ‘Active’ add-on is £196

We work with you – your success is our success!

Save Time Web Design
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